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We are a boutique Social Security Disability (SSD) practice with attorneys and staff dedicated to Social Security law. When you retain us, you are retaining attorneys who are:

  • Experienced in Social Security law and associated legal theories;
  • Hands-on advocates in gathering medical and other evidence to support your claim;
  • Proficient in preparing pre-hearing memorandums to help ensure that all the key grounds for approving your disability application are provided to the administrative law judge before the hearing;
  • Skilled at cross-examination of medical and vocational experts;
  • Apprised of all rules of evidence and courtroom procedures;
  • Diligent in preparing relevant post-hearing memorandums to address inconsistencies in medical or vocational testimony;
  • Prompt in handling post-hearing evidence;
  • Experienced in handling post-hearing objections and discovery relating to vocational expert testimony;
  • Dedicated to ensuring a clean appellate record to maximize chances of overturning an erroneous administrative law judge denial;
  • Proactive about deadlines and filings;
  • Adept at drafting Social Security appellate briefs; and,
  • Skilled at oral arguments before the district court.

To best serve you, we provide individual attention. We will be with you at every step of your case. We will keep you informed of the status and progress of your case, advocate on your behalf, and ensure that you are reminded of all future appointments and documents part of your Social Security Administration case.

Thank You

Thanks for your interest. We know how frustrating it is to be denied Social Security benefits. We can help. I look forward to telling you what we can do to get you benefits. Schedule today!


The vast majority of Social Security Disability claims are denied at the initial stage. The chances of receiving Social Security Disability benefits actually improve when you file an appeal. Once you receive a denial, you will need to file for Reconsideration. Your claim will be reviewed again. If you obtain another denial notice, then you will have an opportunity to have a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). If you obtain another denial notice, then you will need to request review by the Appeals Council.

You have legal rights that have critical deadlines associated with each of these stages. We are available to explain your legal rights to you in order to help you weigh your options. We are here to help you every step of the way.


The majority of Social Security Disability claims are denied by ALJs. If your application for benefits has been denied by the ALJ, you should not allow yourself to feel discouraged or decide to give up pursuing your SSD benefits. The next step in the process is filing an appeal with the Appeals Council. We will strive to overturn the Administrative Law Judge’s unfavorable decision at the Appeals Council to give you a better chance of obtaining benefits before filing an appeal in federal district court.


Once you are denied disability benefits by an ALJ, the next step is for you to file an appeal with SSA’s Appeals Council. Filing an appeal with the Appeals Council is the last step you can take before the Agency. This can often be hard to do and you might want an attorney to help you because the Appeals Council appeal must be filed within 65 days of your ALJ unfavorable decision.

If your SSA Appeals Council appeal is unsuccessful, the next step in the process is filing an appeal in federal district court. This will be the best chance to argue your case because the federal court system is unbiased toward claimants or the Social Security Administration, and federal court judges review rulings made by the Social Security ALJs carefully. To protect your legal right to file a federal court complaint, you must file your appeal in federal district court within 65 days of your Appeals Council appellate denial.


One of the more common approaches for overturning ALJ decisions is reviewing the most current federal court case decisions and rulings. We use this approach to expose ALJ errors that we can argue to get your decision overturned. This approach, along with many other legal strategies, improves the chances of a victorious appeal on your behalf. We work hard to keep up to date on the most recent federal court case decisions and rulings to improve your chances of overturning erroneous ALJ decisions. We’d love to talk to you about your case and how we can help.

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